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Photoessayist: High Contrast Exterior Natural LightPhotoessayist: High Contrast Interior Natural LightWhy these two pictures? Because I thought they would be far too much contrast to be any good. In the exterior photo the shadow area I was sure would be black because I set the exposure from the red SERVICE sign. And the interior photo I set the exposure by the light coming through the windows on the right. The camera did all the work. I never use RAW, only highest JPG level. Do I want to know how they do it? No. All I want is for the camera to be consistent in it’s results. If I set the exposure in a certain manner will I get the same results every time? That’s all I ask for. That leaves me to worry only about the photo.

The morning I shot these photos it was getting really hot and it wasn’t even 11 AM yet. Just thought you should know.

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