I’m Still Here

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I haven’t abandoned this blog. I have been working on another blog – http://www.lagunabeat.com/.

I have been slow at upgrading this blog – I admit it. I want to make a complete remodel and have been putting it off because of the work required. The style of the new photoessayist.net will be similar to lagunabeat.com. This requires an almost complete rebuild. This new look will allow for larger photos to be posted. This is a photo blog after all and having visitors click a photo to view a larger image is not friendly.

Once the remodel is complete my prime discussion will be my experience at going digital. I have been using 35mm cameras of some sort since 1957. That’s 50 years! You can see that work at http://www.photoessayist.com/. Now I’m been converted to digital. There have been some bumps along the way but on the whole I love it. I have had my DSLR since August 16, 2007. I use it every day and I get restless when I’m not out taking photographs.

So stayed tuned.

John S. Krill – Photographer (Yea I like that.)

PS: I was reading a past issue of Time magazine while waiting in the dentist office (Don’t know which is more painful – reading Time or the dentist.) The issue was about America and Americans. One of the many lists was one rating jobs and how happy people were at their job. Photographers were rated less than 50 out of 100. I don’t know who the photographers were but if they were that UNhappy why do they bother. I love photography. I could photograph a toilet and enjoy it. I mean waitresses like their jobs more than us photographers. Something is not right here.

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